weeks 275 (BrianB) & 276 (JohnU)
6 Apr & 13 Apr 2018
a visual record
reported by PaulK
Solar Electric Power for Letata
Employees of Dixon Batteries visited Letata
to "measure up"
to enable them
burning "rails" for fire breaks
"fire engine"
blue gum fire beaters & pump action water backpack
RAFT (PaulK's)
the Mark2 version of RAFT
The cantilever decking
temporary stabilization
until the north pier is rebuilt
as PaulK sees it
View of lodge from
the 4 directions
this shows the architectural features
View of lodge from
the 4 directions
this shows the architectural features
the BOAT has been patched (fibre glassed)
by BruceB
we put it on gum poles to keep it off the damp earth
also covered in with shade cloth
(for protection from SUN)
We painted a panel of roof
the strip on the left side was old coating
There is a NEW key to the LODGE
for each Shareholder (labelled)
took the old scrap car bodies to the scrap metal dealer in
Belfast for which we got more than R200.
This I gave to William and Richard
Delivery note for the latest delivery of 100 trout
from Dunkeld
Remains of a cannibalised telephone pole
on Mr Mabunda's farm
small puff adder seen while burning "rails"
DEAD cormorant
GregU with a trout he caught in Spurwing (dam)
The ER24 paramedic who we met
in the Mica Hardware Store in Belfast
1) Welded towbar on Chinese tractor (trailer);
2) Adjusted the lock on the LODGE door so that each Shareholder would have their own KEY;
3)Removed the LED flood light (for not being compliant to wiring regulations);
4) Fitted or adjusted locks on bedroom door & bathroom door (on downstairs north bedroom);
5) Visited Belfast to purchase supplies(diesel, petrol, LPG gas and green roof paint);
6) Had chainsaw chains resharpened;
7) Assisted in arrangements for an uncle's funeral;
8) Measured LODGE to find roof area;
9) Installed scaffolding JACK under main load bearing I beam. The pier will have to be rebuilt;
10) Sprayed water plants on edge of Coachman's dam;
11) Repainted (green) portion of Esther's lodge roof;
12) Took all of the garbage to the DUMP in Dullstroom;
13) Burned "rails" in preparation for burning the firebreaks in June. Used barrels for water, gum
tree branches for "beaters" and a pump action water canon to control the flames. All burning
went off without incident;
14) Employees of Dixon Batteries visited to get information so they could quote on installing a
Solar Electric Power System.

pictures of activities follow

PaulK Saturday 21 April 2018