The Dullstroom garbage dump.
Located at the town hall.
The flue of the wood burning stove on
the lodge @ Mr del le Rey's property
Pig photographed on south side of
Repair to veranda furniture.
Birds soil the veranda furniture.
William had to wash furniture before each
shareholder visit.
This I (PaulK) believed was shortening life of furniture.
Hence purchase of a waterproof cover.
William & Richard working on veranda furniture.
Dam: Wickham's Fancy.
Aquatic growth base exposed.
Aquatic plants should be pulled out.
(Before the spring rains).
More: Wickham's Fancy.
Dam: Oribi.
Fence down adjacent to Oribi.
Dam: Eagle Owl.
Plants exposed.
More: Eagle Owl.
Plants exposed.
Dam: Dragonfly.
The lodge has a new (roof) coat.
Veranda furniture.
Cover to protect furniture from:
Bird's faeces;
Paul Kirchmann's visit to Letata
week # 293
10th August 2018
Loaded and ready to go.
Rake to remove aquatic plants from
purchased by Graham Thomas.
New hose pipe.
Should be stored away from sun & cold.
Note new roof coating.
Note the flue from wood burning stove.
Accepted practice - the outlet should
be higher above roof cladding plane.
Washing machine on loan from PaulK
Preparations for trip to Belfast:
Garbage for dump @ Dullstroom;
Empty fuel cans to be filled in Belfast
Digital security camera location.
Camera temporarily removed.
project to JohnU
The Esther Mnisi home in Dullstroom.